What do I receive as a HMS Ambassador?

Open to those that have been PRE APPROVED into the Hot Miami Shades program only.

- Discounts for Life on all HMS products, Coupon code to potentially make money and become a #girlboss, RUNWAY tickets and more more.

Other cool perks:
- Instant access to the GIA, a private link for HMS influencers & industry professionals that have been pre approved by the GIA (A professional Group of 4,500 influencers, fashion industry professionals, guest speakers, etc. to promote and educate woman on growing their social media pages organically, the group follows one another and we posts ALL events and give a ways here) Link provided in your confirmation email upon joining the program today.

- Instant access to give a ways such as RUNWAY tickets, CONCERTS & more like New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Shakira Concert Tickets & More

For the full details, see below:

•    Over 55% OFF your entire order for being an affiliate. Do not even sweat the retail prices as you will get a huge discount at checkout + FREE SHIPPING

•    The opportunity to be invited to Fashion Shows, Miami Swim Week, After parties with celebrities and more

•    FREE photo sessions for any ladies that visit the Miami area 

•    Receive a FREE Black Choker w/ your first order *Only applies when choosing a necklace

•    The chance to meet with other #MiamiGirls worldwide and attend luncheons and seminars that are hosted for our ambassadors 

•    Exclusive Ambassador discounts and special 'ambassador only' promotions. 

•    The opportunity to be featured on our social media platforms to grow your following reaching more than 100,000 users worldwide at @hotmiamishades

•    NO sales requirementsNo min. sales! You can take advantage of the program however you wish but we do not require you to ever sell a design when joining the ambassador program.

•    Career Opportunities: Use Hot Miami Shades as a reference on your resume, influencer info

•    FREE Worldwide Shipping for you and your followers on all orders. Our next shipment of ambassador necklaces leave in 72 hours or less! So lets get you signed up right away.

  • 20% OFF coupon code for your followers is provided in your confirmation email once you join. If you would like a unique code to make an income, please email us once joining the program with what you would like your unique code to be. The pay rate is $20 for every $129 spent within an order when someone uses your unique code at checkout  You may email us here for a unique code once you join the program. We do not provide unique codes prior to joining.
If you are interested in joining the program and getting on our official ambassador list to receive all these amazing perks then go ahead and make your selection here:
When you have selected your item, email today and ensure you have been approved.