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Shakira & Hot Miami Shades Collab! Watch our ambassador attend her concert.

Hazel joined the Hot Miami Shades ambassador program this past year and is already taking advantage of all the amazing perks the Hot Miami Shades program offers to its members!

This past Saturday, Hazel attended the Shakira Concert, completely courtesy of Hot Miami Shades! Hazel participated in a ticket giveaway during the month of August and ended up winning 2 free tickets to the sold out “El Dorado World Tour,” which is the sixth world tour by the famous Colombian singer Shakira. This is just one of the many exciting opportunities you will receive as an ambassador of our brand.

 HMS not only host events in Miami, but also Globally.

 Anyone who joins our affiliate program receives automatic access to our events calendar where global events, photo shoots, concert tickets, rooftop parties and more take place each and every month.

 Hazel resides outside of the Miami area as our program and perks are available to those globally. Also note that we have our next influencer event on September 7th in NYC at the Hudson Terrace with a DJ, food, music, etc. To purchase tickets, Click here: