Hot Miami Shades Announces Partnership with an Influencers Group that assist young bloggers with Organic Instagram Growth

Hot Miami Shades has by far the hottest ambassador program on the market. When sitting down with the team we completely understood why. WOW... from red carpet events, education courses, free photo shoots at their store to now entering a private group where their ambassadors can grow their instagram pages by the thousands just about shocked us.

I mean most affiliate programs are one sided. You take a photo for the company and then you never hear from them again right? But not this one. Hot Miami Shades not only brings you in as an influencer no matter what size your Instagram page is but then, they now provide you access to  a private group where over 4,500 members are on it waiting to follow you, engage with you, have meet ups, educational courses and more! We talked to over 50 Hot Miami Shades Members who only had 1 thing to say.... GROWTH!

Most members seemed to have an average of 70-100 new followers per week, or 10-15 per day. The group was full of ladies supporting each other,  creating engagement pods to stay in touch and chat, but most importantly, non stop support was found in the private group. 

We found the Hot Miami Shades Affiliate Program to be 100% well worth it. Not only do you get perks from the Hot Miami Shades company, but the private membership access is 2nd to none for non stop growth in the online community. Members found themselves getting new collaborations from the group in addition to the followers growth. We saw it as a complete win, win for both Hot Miami Shades and the Influencer. 

Take a look at some of the ladies we met! This is just a handful of the 5,500 members and their testimony to the Hot Miami Shades Ambassador Program and its perks.

WANT TO MINGLE AND GROW? Receive 'GIA' Member perks including fashion shows, Miami Swim Week give a ways and more when entering our program today.



Hot Miami Shades Ambassador Program

Hot Miami Shades Affiliate Program - Hot Miami Shades Review


Hot Miami Shades is a vacations boutique located in South Florida. With offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Europe and Asia, the company prides itself on bringing their customers the most colorful vacation statement pieces from clothing, swim, eye wear, jewelry and more. The tie dye boxes they ship their items in will certainly get you vacation ready and begin to get you thinking about palm trees and aqua blue waters. Did we mention they ship FREE to any and every country? Well, they do. Jump on this!

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