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Ambassadors can enter to WIN SHAKIRA CONCERT TICKETS! Join our Influencer Program today

Need to sign up? Do so by the link below.

Hot Miami Shades has been known for bringing its game when it comes to our influencer program. Not only have we been awarded the top ambassador program by SHOPIFY (*Rated top 1% website), we also make certain our HMS ambassadors get to experience new things, opportunities, sights and events with our award winning program.

This week Hot Miami Shades announced it will give away 2 tickets to the El Dorado Tour North America Tour featuring SHAKIRA at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida on Saturday, August 18th, 2018 at 7:30 pm.

The brand simply requires the ladies to "enter to win" by joining their ambassador program. If you have not entered their program go ahead and do so now:

And if you already are an ambassador? Well lucky you babes! You get to simply ENTER TO WIN the tickets by visiting here:

Thanks for being an ambassador and good luck! We look forward to seeing you in the next city!


New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Charleston, Atlanta, Nashville, LA, Dallas, Seattle, Toronto, Montreal, Miami, Minneapolis, San Francisco. International: UK, Australia, China, Hong Kong, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Dubai, Poland, Turkey, Greece.

To find out more about the concert visit the ticket master website:

 *No travel is provided or included. 2 tickets to concert in Miami, Florida on Saturday, August 18th at 7:30pm.  Includes hard copy printed tickets (no electronic tickets are permitted) and accessories from Hot Miami Shades to wear to the concert. Take LIVE videos, stories, boomerangs and photos to send to our social media manager while at the concert so she can posts your exclusive experience to our 70,000 followers at @hotmiamishades 


Greetings from Hot Miami Shades